Plaid Maasai White & Red

  • Designed in Italy

  • Made in Tanzania

  • Ethical supply chain

  • Reusable Packaging

For those who are always cold and for those who just want a little more comfort. For those who love to read in the evening and for those who watch movies and TV series. The folded blanket on the sofa really makes everyone happy. Ours is in Maasai Shuka, a soft and sturdy fabric traditionally used by the Maasai shepherds of Tanzania and Kenya.

This collection is made in collaboration with MIPI (Maasai Intellectual Property Initiative), an initiative committed to defending and protecting Maasai cultural rights in the world.

• 150x200cm
• Composition: 100% acrylic
• Designed in Italy and made with passion in Tanzania by Sada.

Hand or machine wash: we recommend a gentle cycle at 30°C - simply because it's the most sustainable. The garment won't get damaged in higher temperatures.
Do not bleach, dry in the shade and be happy: there’s no need to iron.

Hurry up! Don’t miss out on your chance to get this item. Quantities are limited because we bought our fabrics from small retailers in Arusha, where the Maasai people also buy their fabrics.

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