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We believe that knowledge is the key to change. Since the beginning, we have been reinvesting part of our revenues in educational activities in Tanzania, in and outside the University. Over the years, we have organised several fashion design courses at the University of Dar es Salaam, but it is not just about the academy: we also share our knowledge outside, by collaborating with local entities interested in fashion and design.


In 2022, we participated in the "Creative economy incubator and accelerator initiative, Fashion Value Chain" accelerator programme for young designers, in collaboration with Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA), Naledi Dream Center, 360 Creative Hub, Shule Direct and Sanaabiz Investments Limited. The aim was to strengthen the fashion industry in Tanzania through the development of skills and the incubation of new design ideas.

To successfully conclude the program in 2023, we offered the designers a one-to-one mentoring pathway, which led to their participation in the pop-up shop organized by the Italian Embassy in Dar es Salaam.


In Tanzania, we not only produce clothes, but also organize photo and video campaigns with local stylists, models and photographers, so that an all-round fashion industry can flourish. We are very proud to support local talent: we want to be part of a shift in perspective that values African creativity and gives it the international visibility it deserves.