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Tanzanian taylors at Endelea's workshop in Dar es Salaam


We want to demonstrate another way of ‘doing’ fashion. The company's ultimate purpose is the happiness of all who are a part of it, and to share prosperous economic activity so that it benefits everyone: from our customers to our workers, and to anyone else who is invested in our project. This is why we operate responsibly by putting people at the center. 

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Reversible down jacket in African wax fabric with blue and brown 'wave' pattern on model with matching skirt


Endelea’s goal is twofold. On the one hand, the company wants to contribute to the development of the fashion industry in Tanzania. This is why Endelea’s production and fabric purchases are made on-site, while part of the revenues are invested in creating capacity-building workshops and in collaborations with Tanzanian schools and universities.

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Endelea’s other goal is to create a dialogue between Europe and Africa, promoting and educating its international audience on authentic African textile cultures. Our collections are made from wax, kikoi, and Maasai fabrics that we purchase from local producers with the aim of having control over the supply chain and the quality of the raw materials to better our environmental responsibility.


There is often some confusion surrounding the topic of sustainability. This is why we believe it is important not only to act responsibly but also to make our commitment to people and the environment explicit. Introducing sustainable behaviors in a company divided between two countries, one of which is African and therefore with completely different control systems from those we are used to, is complex and challenging, but it is our investment for the future.

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We believe in inclusivity and we work so that no one ever  feels excluded


We believe in inclusivity and we work so that no one ever feels excluded. Endelea’s campaigns always portray models of different ethnicities, ages, and body shapes, and are shot both in Italy and in Tanzania, where the work is entrusted to a team of local stylists, photographers, and video makers. Always listening to feedback, a lot of our initiatives were born from dialogues and discussions with our customers, such as our ‘made to order’ which allowed us to offer a wider range of sizes. 

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