About us

Francesca de gottardo CEO at Endelea

The project was founded by Francesca De Gottardo, who, after having worked in the fashion industry, wanted to give life to a new reality by putting people at the center, thus giving the brand its ethical imprint and unique identity.

Today, Endelea is a Benefit Corporation that lives between Italy and Tanzania and is consistent with an approach that focuses on people and creativity, building value for both customers and communities involved in the supply chain.



To “Dream Bold” is also our motto, two words that literally sum up what we do together every day, and what we want to achieve. At Endelea, we believe that the key to change is knowledge, which is why 3% of our revenues are invested in creating capacity-building trainings and collaborations between Italian and Tanzanian schools and universities. Our dream is to witness the birth of the Tanzanian fashion industry. 

Discover our Philosophy on Sustainability
Taylor cutting a piece of wax fabric in Dar es Salaam


The name Endelea, which in Swahili means "to keep going forward without giving up", is the perfect synthesis to describe who we are. 

Over just a few years, we have gone from producing a micro-collection to producing two collections a year, from creating a few items to developing total looks, from solely using wax fabrics to using a broader spectrum of African textiles, from a start-up to a Benefit Corporation.