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Clothing Repair Hub

New free repair service and tailoring services at discounted prices.

In collaboration with Kechic, a Milanese tailoring shop that specializes in repairing clothing items, we have launched a new free repair service to extend the life of your Endelea pieces and provide you with discounted tailoring services.

Our services include:

- A Free Repair Service: to mend damaged Endelea garments with holes, cuts, and threads to be sewn;

- Discounted Tailoring Services: to shorten or tighten an Endelea garment.


Repair your favorite Endelea garments for free to be able to wear them again.


Bring them for repairs to our store (in Via Tadino 8, Milan) – we'll take care of everything for you.


If you have purchased Endelea garments that need to be tailored to fit we can suggest you the right place, at a discounted price.


Write to or go directly to Kechic explaining which garment you need to be tailored.


Kechic is an Italian-African tailoring and clothing brand that bridges Dakar and Milan. It is the result of the collaboration between Valeria and Cheikh – he, a Senegalese tailor, and she, an Italian communication expert. Their guiding principle is craftsmanship. Everything is handmade with meticulous attention to detail, including coat linings, pockets and pocket squares, padded vests, trims, collars, and hoods. Beyond being a tailoring atelier, Kechic is a space for creativity, relationships, encounters, ideas, and dialogue among diversities.